Do You Love DC Comics? Check out the new game DC Legend for iPhone

The DC Comics label in recent years has experienced an almost unstoppable diversification. From being a more or less secondary license limited to Batman and Superman, the publisher has ventured through the big door in the field of film and television, also betting on television series, vignette renovations and video games. With more or less success, DC has passed from water dancing to Marvel in some aspects to talking about you to you in a contest that has given us on both sides some products of indisputable quality.


Now, in the mobile ecosystem – in which it keeps some successes as the video game based on Suicidal Squad -, DC again offers us a glimpse of its complex multiverse through the title of roll DC Legends, that following certain parameters already seen in other Similar apps, gives us a good dose of free-to-play entertainment.

Collecting the best DC characters

DC Legends takes us to an alternate universe in which the prophecy of the Darkest Night, in which evil seems ready to overcome in all possible reality, seems to be about to be fulfilled. Our mission will be to unite all heroes and villains in a fight against Nekron and their plans of conquest through the legions of Metal Hunters, visiting different scenarios, worlds and cities. In this way, DC Legends offers the player the possibility to form a team of Justice League or Green Lanterns, launch it to combat and improve it with the passage of time and accumulated experience.

We will not fool you: the system is the same as that of games like Mafia III: Rivals or Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. That is to say, we speak of a role title with very basic concepts, and dressed in turn-based combat, in which we will have to combine normal attacks with special powers intrinsic to each character, while we strive to go shopping for improvements with which to make them more efficient in combat. The app offers a plot line, in the form of a campaign, which will take us to different scenarios, with increasingly complex enemies, although we spend a lot of time eliminating metal hunters of various types and low prices.


The combat, however, is very entertaining. Characters like Green Lantern, Joker, Batman, Green Arrow or Superman have radically different strengths and abilities, something that will help us or harm against according to what enemies and monsters. And what is more difficult, but equally interesting: this will invite us to combine them to get the team of villains and heroes more off-road possible.

Once we have this clear, the title will offer us packages and rewards with which we can unlock new heroes, some of them legendary, which will offer classic aspects and shapes, different powers or special features to other versions of the same character of vignette. DC Legends is quite original in these boundaries, because instead of forcing us to follow a closed path, it will give us the opportunity to add objects and enhancers so that we adapt the hero or villain in question to our game style, modifying them radically according to our decisions.

The problem with DC Legends is that it comes without too many game modes. As a role-playing and turn-based video game with a single-player mode, adding a multiplayer PvP seems very successful, but we think it offers a poorly polished experience. Progress in this mode, as well as their matchmaking is a bit frustrating, since all the matches end up repeating certain mechanics and tricks without any incentive, condemning the way to a kind of temporal paradox in which we will have the sensation that we are playing at Same fight again and again – something we will do, because in this way we will also obtain rewards.


Yes, its managers have emphasized that the video game will receive updates, and in fact the PvP mode has links, challenges and concrete events – as we have said, we will receive fragments and other items very necessary to unlock characters and heroes or advance with the aforementioned forms But we believe the title would have benefited from a more complete release in this respect. In any case, and we stress, we do not think you lack entertainment for several weeks.

Technically, DC Legends is a very good video game, with graphics and modeling for both characters and very detailed and designed scenarios, something that fans of the cartoons will greatly appreciate. Without going any further, we will see different versions of beloved heroes and villains, from classic incarnations to more modern ones, and we will visit iconic and very important planets, cities and refuges within the DC organization chart. The sound section may not be anything from the other world – in fact, we can play without any audio and do not spoil the experience – but if we want, we can enjoy some decent orchestral piece.


DC Legends is a video game designed to offer us just and necessary doses of role and tactics in short game sessions. The idea of combining a team made up of the publisher’s most eclectic villains and heroes and the possibility of challenging other players through the internet are undoubtedly very attractive. It hides a fairly clear and fair free-to-play game system, and its content, especially at a strategic and configuration level, is overwhelming.

That yes, the ghost of the repetition can edge it, since it does not offer too many options of game beyond the campaign and the online, and both, are very similar in practice. In any case, and given the route of these video games, it would not be too much to offer our layer and mask to at least give you an opportunity if we love the comics and video games of this style.

Would You Play the new Super Mario Run on Mobile?

Super Mario Run, the first game of the famous plumber for mobile devices, announced by Apple and Nintendo last September, will finally reach the App Store on December 15. It will be a free download, but will feature a payment version that will cost € 9.99 and unlock all content without the usual free-to-play with limited access to the game.


The first mobile Mario game

Its launch will take place globally finally on December 15, and will premiere simultaneously in 150 countries. As it was said in the beginning, it will first be released in iOS and later in Android, although it has not been detailed the period of exclusivity that will have in the platform of Apple.

The game will be a “free to start” (that is, we can try it for free but we will find many features blocked if we do not buy the complete game.) Super Mario Run will be, as its name implies, a runner, that is, a game In which our character is advancing only automatically, so our goal will be to jump and put into practice all the usual movements of Mario to avoid obstacles and enemies that are coming out our way


Well it looks good to be a “Run” and mobile game. And it comes from Nintendo, they are not going to take a crappy version to discredit its flagship brand. This will increase the popularity of Super Mario in the face of his imminent launch in Switch

Its launch will take place globally finally on December 15, and will premiere simultaneously in 150 countries. As it was said in the beginning, it will first be released in iOS and later in Android, although it has not been detailed the period of exclusivity that will have in the platform of Apple.

Although it is still unclear if Super Mario Run will also be released simultaneous for the Android Market and players. Android users have been asking that it be release together but we still have no word from the developers. One thing is for sure though, that it will be released very soon and the only confirmation is for the iOS platform. Hopefully, Android users will not have to wait too long since both platforms share a very growing users and having to miss one sector would leaving so much money on the table for other developers to catch.

But until December 15, we all can take a look at some Youtube trailers and previews of the gameplay and hope that even more options will be available ones the game is released.

Do You Like Fifa 17? Here’s What We Think

So Who does not love Soccer? or in the world of gamers, its FIFA and with the release of console games that got everyone addicted, Xbox One and PS4 in 2013, those of us who have been enjoying football or soccer as other would call it, for the rest of our lives were hoping that FIFA, which had dominated the years of Xbox 360 and PS3 with an iron hand, would make a real leap in quality Called ‘new generation’. And although we have had to wait longer than expected, finally that leap has come with FIFA 17, the long wait it over! The latest generation addition is here and its time for die hard fans to spend longer hours again facing the TV and pushing those buttons like crazy!


The new graphic engine, Frostbite, provides better lighting, a more eye-catching color, and a greater amount of detail in football players, from their faces, reflecting better fatigue than ever, to their shirts, which are not A texture attached to the body. But what we liked most are the new physics, more convincing and realistic, with players who give a greater feeling of weight and presence on the field, and a ball that moves around the field of play with greater ease, than Behaves very convincingly in the controls and rebounds, and that realizes tremendously realistic trajectories in the shots to goal.

Whether because of the change of the graphics engine or because they have been preparing this version for a few years, playfully FIFA 17 is one of the best installments of the saga in a long time, and we love the rhythm of matches, the natural and well linked Which are the animations of the players, and how these interact with each other, and with the ball itself. And in case the visual and playable leap was not enough, they have finally included an important novelty in the game modes, something that we have been asking for for years, and that added is El Camino, a story mode that supposes a breath of fresh air In the genre, something we had never seen.

Playable improvements, visual and content, is all that we asked a new generation FIFA, and who was a little disenchanted with the deliveries of recent years, that without lowering the quality bar had been somewhat stagnant, should Give a try to FIFA 17, a very ambitious football game, which has left us a great taste.


Amazing Gameplay

Although since it was announced to all we noticed its change of graphic engine and the new story mode, finally what most did not like are the playable improvements, bigger than we expected, and in our football opinion, a complete success. FIFA has been spinning very fine for many years, and the playable novelties from one year to the next were always very subtle, touching up very specific aspects.

In this edition, and partly because of the engine change, we noticed that FIFA has improved on everything, including details that EA Sports had not promoted in the months prior to its launch. As we have said at the beginning of the text, we love the rhythm of the parties, neither too fast nor slow (although we can continue to choose between three speeds, to the consumer’s liking), and the weight and the corpulence that transmit the players when moving and collide With each other, and with this we are not saying that they are slower.

The differences between a very fast player and a slower one, which exist in real football, are well represented, but they are not decisive, and any imbalance that could be produced in this respect compensates a much improved artificial intelligence, with the teams standing very Well on the pitch. Cutting the pass lines, going to the aid in one on one, closing the holes in defense at the edge of the area, and what is very important: no longer despairs playing against the CPU in the higher difficulty levels, something of What they have been complaining about for years.


Before playing in World Class or Legend difficulty despaired more than one, with that inhuman and unreal perfection of the teams, which made everything perfect, they never lost a ball. Now it is easier to steal the ball, and more habitual to lose it while they are making plays, although that does not mean that it is easier to beat them, and it is really difficult to find a crack in defense and make goals, so in High difficulties we should be accustomed to rather short results.

Not only the AI of the opposing teams is improved, but also our teammates, who do not stop offering us opportunities, to come and ask for it, to throw away marks, and it is a pleasure to create plays and move the ball across the field Looking for an opportunity.

And the physical and the animations are a pleasure, how the players react to each other, both ground level and in the air, and animations, which never cease to amaze you, for more hours you play you still see new reactions and resources . The contact between the players is very polished, and when receiving a ball of backs you can protect it and to turn you of very natural way, and even with the body to push back and back to the defense. This is also used in the aerial game, in which we now have to measure the position and the times better, and it is no longer worth that of pounding a button.

We also want to emphasize that the tiredness of the players with the passage of the minutes is better reflected, they are very noticeable how they are exhausted, respond worse, they turn and run slower, and making substitutions makes more sense than ever. A fresh and fast player in the last minutes is made very noticeable in the match, can become decisive.


The behavior of the ball on the grass we like a lot, it moves more naturally, it seems that it is not so close to the ground, and it is noticed from the outset in the controls of the players, depending on their quality and position Body and the strength of the pass, the ball of the feet are going more or less centimeters, something that is important with an AI that is always above and does not give us a second of breath.

The ball behaves more realistically in all sets of the game, with more randomness in rebounds, and with endless trajectories and effects in the shots on goal. We have been more than once embarrassed seeing a repetition, by how a ball was directed towards the goal. And in this connection, goalkeepers are a spectacle, with the enormous amount of resources they have to stop the ball and react quickly, even to rebounds. In our game experience we would even say they are too good, as they almost never fail, but it does not bother us, it is a pleasure to see the excellent stretches of goalkeepers like David de Gea or Keylor Navas.

The plays have been completely redesigned, something that requires a period of adaptation, but soon you will discover that we have many more possibilities and freedom in the pitches and in the corners. Now we have a cursor with which we choose the exact place where we want to put the ball, and once executed the action, we can choose a player from the area and try to attack the ball. As in real football, it is very difficult to wait for the ball and try to make a sure shot, so you have to try to surprise the defender looking for the ball in the race. With these the corners and side faults are no longer being hit a power bar and pounding the firing button, and now we have a greater sense of control, both at launch and at the auction, a complete success.

The direct free has also changed, and now we place the position of the player with respect to the ball before throwing, and during the race towards the ball we also move the player. All this process is shown from the back of the player, even the ball going towards the goal, and allows us to perform all kinds of beatings to get around the barrier. Now it is very eye catching to throw fouls to the top football players like Neymar or Gareth Bale, with his characteristic way of running and hitting the ball, seeing the entire path of the ball to the goal from this perspective.


The penalties are launched in a way very similar to the faults, we also move the body of the player towards the ball, and after many years giving rudder in this aspect, without getting to convince us at all, in this edition we like the decision Which have taken, are deeper than ever, and we have many different ways to hit the ball from the eleven meters.

As you can see, there are not a few best players, but surely, as every year, with the passage of weeks and months, the gameplay of FIFA 17 will present different weaknesses and fissures, especially when playing online. But right now we can not say anything else that the gameplay of this year we love, and offers an excellent balance between fun and realism, representing a sport as complex as this in a more than convincing way. Any football lover who approaches the game without prejudice, you will surely enjoy its many virtues.

The Journey

As we have already said, we have been demanding three or four years for FIFA to surprise us with some new gameplay, and that is what El Camino has achieved, a really curious and elaborate story mode, sure to be enjoyed by many of the world’s greatest lovers. Of football, and especially those who have ever practiced it.

In it we play Alex Hunter, a young British who wants to become a professional footballer. This mode has been a very pleasant surprise, since they have not limited to playing games interspersed with video sequences. We have a story played by actors, with different characters, friendships that are created and broken, emotional moments … It is not a story that we are going to tell our children, but it is well worn to be a football game And is entertaining to follow.


In addition, a system of responses has been introduced, allowing us to respond forcefully, or with a balanced or cool response. The cold will give us points to face the coach, while the energetic will face our fans. Getting along with the coach is important to be in the starting lineup, and having fans is important to get advertising contracts, so we will have to decide which way we want to take.

The story changes depending on our performance, including the sequences we see. For example, if we play well we can end up competing in European tournaments, but they will not give us a second team for us to improve. At the beginning we will have to choose the team for which we want to sign (we can only play in teams of the Premier League), which will set us a series of requirements to meet.

The better the club, the fewer minutes we will have, and the more we will have to fight for a place in the starting lineup, both in training and in matches. If we do not give enough, we will suck a lot of bench in teams like Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal. If we sign for a smaller team, with goals like permanence or half of table, we will play more, but also it will cost us more to win the parties.

Our performance is measured in training and in matches. The trainings range from partidillos with the companions to different tests of ability of which we already know. In matches, where we can choose whether we only control Alex or the whole team, we will have a series of challenges to meet, three for each game, such as “perform a performance of 7.5”, “score a goal” and “win The party “or” do not lose it “. Our actions are valued according to our actions. A well given pass adds points, one bad remains. The coach will take into account the timing of our tickets, how we measure our energy, if we ask for the ball correctly, if we perform a bad shot at goal, and so on.

With every match and every successful training our statistics improve, in addition to having a system of skills that gives us the opportunity to reinforce the aspects that best fit our style of play. This gives him enough sense of progress, since it makes us feel that through the training and the minutes we get to be better soccer players, empatizando with Alex Hunter. In addition, it can be a great and enjoyable tutorial for the less expert in this saga.

It is a very original and different proposal in a football game, and very carefully, and sure that the greatest lovers of football will appreciate it, get you involved much with the protagonist, and adds an extra emotion and epic to the parties that You may not find in other game modes. For example, the Premier League debut at Anfield, while the public sings the ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, is a detail that demonstrates the mime with which it is made.

In addition, it is very well done, with elaborate cinematic, actors interpreting to the personages, appearances stellar of real soccer players like James or Reus, and even has a soundtrack created for the occasion by Atticus Ross. Nor are we saying that it is perfect, and perhaps in future deliveries we could make bigger decisions, choose between different characters, or play in different leagues that are not English. But we must recognize that it is a debut more than good, and something that we had never seen in a football game.

The other usual modes of play are still present, with some tweaking and improvements, and as in recent years the most elaborate and pampered is the Ultimate Team, the golden egg hen of Electronic Arts, which reports each year hundreds of Millions of benefits. You know, create a team, acquire envelopes to have new players in the squad, place them properly in the eleven to reach the greatest chemistry, and play games both against the CPU and through the internet with other players.

This year the biggest newness of the Ultimate Team are the challenges of creating templates, a way to use in a practical way all those players that we need, without needing to sell them, as well as fun in the process and give the coconut. For example, in the challenge “Two countries”, to complete it we must form an eleven with players of two nationalities and at least 60 of chemistry, and thus with infinite combinations, having to fulfill the requirements that ask us to form an eleven, using To the players that we have in the template. Once we have created this team, we will send it to get a reward, and we will lose forever those players. A very entertaining game mode and a useful way to use all those players that are accumulating and you do not need them anymore.

We also have FUT Champions, a series of weekly tournaments for the most competitive players of Ultimate Team, which can lead you to great rewards, and if you’re extremely good, it can even be your gateway to real world competitions and prizes, Since they have connected the FUT with the eSports.

In addition to the complete online modes, we can play more than 30 real leagues, with more than 650 teams to choose from (women’s football returns), and the Career Mode also has some improvements and additions, such as team goals that meet more complex , Which can be of national, continental, brand awareness, economic or development of the quarry. As well as a deeper and more detailed finance system, so the manager part is improved, and new leagues have been added, such as the Japanese. In Pro Clubs, the way in which together with some friends we can play online games of 11 against 11, we also find that they have changed the way of progress of the players, inherited from the story mode, and valued more aspects of the game, such as Be good mates instead of playing in an individualistic way, and also have your skills acquisition system. In addition, we have new customization options to edit the equipment.

In summary, in terms of content, whether teams, competitions and game modes, FIFA 17 is over, especially the great added that El Camino, a breath of fresh air compared to other available game modes.

In a strategy to join forces and resources in the various games of the company, in recent times all studies of Electronic Arts are using Frostbite, the powerful and versatile graphics engine DICE (Need for Speed, Battlefield 1, Mass Effect: Andromeda ), Which now also uses FIFA.

And although at first glance the change may not seem radical, with the passage of the parties you are seeing a series of details that were not so careful in previous editions, and that add to the whole, immersion in the parties. For example, the faces of the players, more convincing, and have details as good as the sweat on the face with the passage of minutes, or the white-skinned players are getting red with the effort. Also the stains of the grass are very well on the clothes or even the skin, and finally the shirts are not a simple texture, and they move with realism, something that seems a very stupid detail, but that is grateful in the kinematics and repetitions .

Also the lighting in general has been improved, more convincing and realistic, especially the daytime, since the night does not obtain so good results, in spite of some very striking effects like the fog and the foci. And there are many improved details, such as goal netting, or the atmosphere in the stadiums, better than ever, with lots of life in the bands, watching the coaches, which in the case of the Premier League are the real ones. It is rather curious to see Mourinho and Guardiola in some cinematic, and hope that future editions also dare with technicians from other countries.

In the representation of the football players we have again ups and downs. Some look a lot like the real ones, and the detail with which their respective hairstyles and tattoos are made is great. But, for example, he grunts us that some important players, like players of Real Madrid like Casemiro, have not made their face well. It is something that draws attention negatively in a game that tries to take care of both the details. Another aspect that does not completely convince us is that it takes so much to recognize the players that you control in the far cameras, and at least in the stars you should better differentiate your way of running, controlling and moving the ball, something that does a lot Best Pro Evolution Soccer.

In the purely technical, FIFA goes back to betting on some 60fps non-negotiable, and a clean image and very lively colors thanks to Frostbite, although we have also detected some graphic problems, like a little tearing in some cinematic. We were expecting even more problems due to the change of graphics engine, something quite risky in a game as complex as this, but we are very satisfied with the result, in the absence of polishing a few things.

The audio one more year is very good, with abundant real songs in the stadiums that add many points to the setting, and the traditional comments in Castilian Manolo Lama and Paco Gonzalez, which already tired us a little after so many years, but that Already accepted as something inevitable. Of course, we must admit that the number of phrases is huge, and even have recorded a whole new repertoire for the story mode, and are commenting the adventures of Alex Hunter. The soundtrack as always is also very ambitious, and relatively cheeky. Betting on unknown groups, which in some cases will become popular within a few months, and even with the luxury that consecrated bands like Kasabian and Two Door Cinema Club debut single in the game.

We are completely convinced FIFA 17 with this ambitious jump, and beyond the change of graphics engine, which is grateful and provided to the saga a great leeway for improvement for the next few years, we have even liked the best playable and added Of the way history, something that we had been asking for years in a game of soccer. If you were a little disenchanted with the last three editions, because it was not what you expected from the representation of this sport in the new generation, you have to give FIFA a chance, an excellent football game.

Asphalt Extreme – What We Think of the Game

Racing enthusiasts and adrenaline on four wheels are in luck with the game that stars in the analysis we bring you today. From the large studio Gameloft comes Asphalt Xtreme, a driving title that certainly demonstrates how far you can get on a mobile device.


Extreme driving in pure state

Even as a driving game like the many on the market, Asphalt Xtreme manages to stand out thanks to its ability to transmit with great success the excitement of this type of racing.

This is mainly achieved by its playability, perfectly adapted to the controls of the game, making us feel the handling of the car. Something not easy, especially adding the possibility that gives us the game to choose between four variants to control the vehicle.

Another outstanding aspect is the variety offered by the game. On the one hand, we will have at our disposal more than 30 different vehicles and their consequent improvement mechanics, with which we can customize each model to our liking. And, on the other hand, we can complete a long story mode with numerous seasons and trials, a multiplayer mode where we compete with players from around the world and a series of unique events where you can enjoy special tests and achievements.


A game of … mobile devices?

There is no doubt that Asphalt Xtreme is one of the best of its kind. What most impresses, without a doubt, is its graphic aspect. Perfectly executed and with a performance that many other games would like. It is one of the last generation copies that manage to squeeze our terminals to the maximum, demonstrating how far they are able to reach.

And not just the graphics are on another level. The sound section is excellent and the variety of vehicles, tracks, modes can make us doubt whether it is a game for mobile or console. In addition, the design of the scenarios takes advantage of all its possibilities to keep us immersed in the game and the finish of the scenery exceeds what has seen so far among its competitors.


As expected, Asphalt Xtreme offers gameplay that is up to the standards of a development studio like this. And not only is it due to the possibility of having fun with a great multitude of vehicles, to modify them with the innumerable improvements available or to enjoy them in the different circuits. The most important thing is the comfort when playing, the simplicity of its controls, which we can adjust to our preferences, to really feel behind the wheel of one of these cars.


There is no doubt that this is one of the strengths. Besides offering graphics at the height of consoles not so far in time, everything seems to care for the smallest detail, from the decoration of every corner of the circuit to the most hidden menu button. And the best thing is that Asphalt Xtreme achieves all this without the performance is affected in the least in no time.


Far from what could be expected seeing some other similar titles, the sound section in Asphalt Xtreme accompanies the excellence of the other sections. The sound effects achieve a total immersion during the race, and the quality and diversity, from rock to house and current dance, that is found in the soundtrack of the menus do the rest.

So What do we think?

Asphalt Xtreme has everything you can ask for a game of its kind in the mobile market. Variety of vehicles and circuits, impeccable graphic section and a sound that perfectly power their companions. Anyone interested in racing games and driving should not give up the opportunity to try this great game and not forget that a few years ago it was unthinkable to enjoy a game with this level of quality on a mobile device.

Sims Freeplay Mission Guide and Cheats

I know you are all familiar with Sims Freeplay. It has been around for quiet a long time already but still it vibes with people because of how it is crafted. It also gets tons of updates every month so it doesn’t get boring and gamers continue to play it. The best way to level fast is to complete missions so you gain both experience, money and LP that you can use as you go along the game. Of course, there is always a way to get around this by using online generators. If you are interested, just visit Well, the 1st mission of life to the world finally arrives Sim, “Love breathes” is a mission in which tenacity is required, as they give us a very short interval of time to achieve it and the number of tasks they ask for are very many , In total 31 tasks, at last simple but the time-quantity relationship requires us not to waste time.


As mentioned in a previous entry, you get 2 days to complete the mission, and if you meet the deadline unlocked the wedding package for FREE, if you miss the time you lose the wedding package, however, your Sims retain the skill To marry

There are several items that the Sim house needs that we will have to interact with to carry out this mission, I recommend that you do with them.

Here’s a short list of the things that you will need for this Mission:

  • Shower
  • Coffee maker
  • TV
  • 3 star bed
  • Stove
  • Fridge
  • Telephone
  • Stereo
  • Roses


Now, let’s start with the list of tasks, some are so simple that I did not include the description. I hope this list helps you to advance some of them and in this way to fulfill the mission within the deadline in a simpler way.

1. Soap in the shower. Description: Clicking in the shower> Lather well. Time: 15 min. Reward: $ 30

2. Bring together two Sims in a house. Description: Use BuscaSim to bring your Sims to the house. Reward: $ 50 and 25 XP

3. Make a Sim flirt with another Sim. Description: This is where the magic starts, first you have to think about Sims wanting to pair again, after that, we select one of them and click on the other to display the interaction menu, now we can see that there are new options in pink boxes , One of them “Ligar”, we selected it. Time: 5min Reward: $ 25 10XP

4. Make coffee. Description: Click on the coffee maker> elaborate coffee. Time: 5min. Reward: $ 25 and 10XP

5. Be romantic with another Sim. Description: Select a Sim from our partner, click on the other and in the interaction menu select “Be romantic”. Time: 1 min. Reward: $ 10 and 10XP

6. Start a romance. Description: Here we apply the same as when we want to lock a friendship only now we will use the options that we get in pink, such as being romantic, dancing and kissing in the hand, repeat these actions until their relationship is “New romance” . Reward: $ 30 and 15 XP

7. Have 2 sims watch a movie. Description: Select a TV> Watch movie, later with another Sim select the TV again> Join. Time: 1 h 45 min. Reward: $ 25

8. Have two Sims start dating. Description: We return with the “pink interaction” routine until our partner Sim arrives at “Have an appointment”. Reward: $ 150 and 50 XP

9. Have one Sim kiss another on the cheek. Description: In the interaction menu of our partner will now appear this action, select it. Reward: $ 85 45xp

10. Send a Sim home. Description: Use the SearchSim. Reward: $ 25 and 10 XP

11. Let the alarm sound. Description: Click on the Bed> “Let the alarm sound”. Time 11 hours. Reward: $ 100

12. Extend a room. Reward: $ 125 and 25 XP

13. Buy a 3-star bed. Description: Go to Home Shop> Bedroom, select a 3 star bed. Reward: $ 125 and 25XP

14. Make hearts of chocolates. Description: Click the Stove> Hearts of candy. Time 15 min

15. Grow onions. Click on the garden> Onions. Time: 7 hours. Reward: $ 50 and 25 XP

16. Have 2 Sims in the same house. Description: Use the SearchSim. Reward: $ 35 and 10 XP

17. Be romantic with another Sim. Description: In the interaction of our couple Sim appears the option “be romantic”, select it. Time 1 min. Reward: $ 100 and 10 XP

18. Have 2 Sims eat together. Description: Click on the Fridge> Food, then repeat the action with another Sim while the first Sim is already eating. Time: 6 min. Reward: $ 50 and 25 XP

19. Make Chocolate Flan. Description: Click on the Stove> Chocolate Flan. Time: 2 h. Reward: $ 100 and 50 XP

20. Become a partner. Description: Keep evolving the relationship of your partner Sim until you go from “having an appointment” to “partner”. Time: Reward: $ 125 and XP 60

21. Doing a wig. Description: Now in the interaction menu of your partner Sim will appear. Time: 5 min. Reward: $ 200 and 60 XP

22. Buy 2 roses. Description: Go to Home Shop / Trees, plants and flowers, there you will find some vases with several red roses inside, they are free, buy 2 vases. Time: Reward: $ 50 and 25 XP

23. Commit. Description: When the bar of “couple” this full will appear the option of Commitment, you will give for this occasion the ring of eternity.

24. Call a friend. Description: Click the Phone> Call a friend. Time: 3 min.

25. Make two Sims engaged to live together. Description: When the “Compromiso” bar is full, the “ask to live together” or “ask to move” option will appear, but you must have your partner Sim in the house where you want to live and the Sim you play with Asking the question should be the owner of the house where these are. For example, your partner is Joan and Jerry, you go to Joan’s house, you play with Joan, you pinch Jerry and you ask him to move with you.

26. Meet 5 Sims in the same house. Description: Using SimSearch

27. Dance to the Top 100 of Sim FM. Description: Select the Music Equipment> Top 100 SimFM. Time: 2 hours

28. Build the park. Description: Go to the map of the city, look for the park (which is just below the main house, select it and click “build.” Requirements: Be at level 6 or at some higher, have at least 4 sims in the city , Pay a fee of $ 1000 and wait 4 hours of construction. Reward: $ 100 and 50 XP

29. Put together a 5 Sims in the park. Description: Go to the map of the city, click the park, then use the search Sim to call them; So that your Sims can come to your call must be unoccupied. Reward: $ 75 and 25 XP

30. Ask the ring for the ducks. Description: In the park, in one of the lakes, next to the bridge you will find some ducks, click them and select “Ask for the ring”. Reward: $ 60 and XP

31. Getting married. Description: When the “Compromise” relationship bar is full, the “Marry” option will appear, which will take us only 6 seconds, and it will have to be in the house where our Sims are living. Reward: $ 250 and 150 XP.