HCG Levels In Pregnancy

Learn about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and how it impacts you and your baby

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Interpreting Your Beta HCG Levels

A test for the presence of beta HCG is the most effective and reliable way to confirm pregnancy. The earlier a pregnancy is confirmed the earlier steps can be taken to ensure the health of the baby. A blood test to determine the presence of beta HCG can confirm a pregnancy within a few days [...]

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Beta HCG Values: Making Sense of Them

A blood test for the presence of beta hCG is used to confirm pregnancy. The test is the most reliable method to confirm pregnancy. At your first appointment onwards the doctor will monitor the progress of the pregnancy by measuring the beta hCG levels. This is important even early in the pregnancy to ensure that [...]

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HCG Calculator

We have made an HCG calculator that will tell if how often your HCG levels are doubling. This beta HCG calculator gives results down to the days and hours. It’s very simple to use. Just enter in your first HCG level reading then enter your second HCG level reading and then you need to enter [...]

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